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Everything you need to build and maintain a clean, structured knowledge base. Outverse uses AI suggestions and insights to help you improve performance.

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Easy collaboration

Built for CX workflows

Outverse works the way your team works. Collaborate with your team and connect the tools you use already.

Team collaboration

Comments & notifications so your team never miss a beat.

Drafts and reviews

Collaborate on docs and send drafts for review before publishing.

Version history

See a complete history of each document in your knowledge base.

Reduce support tickets

Reduce inbound support requests with a comprehensive knowledge base and an AI assistant.

Your docs, your domain

SEO-friendly documentation, customized to your brand, on your own domain or subdomain.

Increase resolution rate

Your AI assistant and search bar help customers find the answers they need.

Migration & import

Easily migrate your documentation from your existing knowledge base platform.

Embed anything

Add anything to your documentation, from code blocks to interactive blocks.

Build customer independence

Empower your customers to solve their own problems and develop fluency in your product.

Insights & analytics

Your docs on autopilot

Identify knowledge gaps, refresh outdated documentation, and improve content performance. Insights & suggestions powered by AI.

AI content suggestions

Put content maintenance on autopilot. Discover knowledge gaps, stale content, and more with AI-powered content insights.

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Review performance

Get doc-specific and workspace-wide insights to improve CX efficiency.

Was this helpful?

Gather feedback on individual article performance, directly from the customers who read them.

Styling & organization

Docs made easy

Built for product-first teams with discerning brand standards.

Beautiful out the box

Easy for CX teams to style and manage. No code needed to get started.

Intuitive organization

It’s easy to structure your knowledge base and restructure it as it grows.

Effortless formatting

A powerful editor with drag-and-drop and markdown for effortlessly beautiful docs.

AI assistant

LLM-powered customer assistance

Deploy an AI customer assistant that's trained on your documentation and solutions archive – that solves customer problems, fast.

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Ask AI
How do I create a knowledge base in Outverse?

To create a knowledge base, follow these steps:

1. Enable knowledge base: Go to your Workspace Settings, navigate to the 'Knowledge Base' tab, and enable the knowledge base option for your workspace.

2. Name your knowledge base: After enabling, you can name your knowledge base. This name will appear in your top navigation bar.

3. Create categories & sections: Documents in your knowledge base are organized into categories. To create a new category, click the "+" button next to Create new doc at the top of the left-hand sidebar and select "New category". You can reorder categories as needed by dragging them in the left-hand sidebar.

4.Add documents: To add a document, click the "+" button next to 'Create new' at the top of the left-hand sidebar and select "New doc", or use the shortcut ⇧⌘D. After creating a document, you can start writing or edit the doc to update its content and settings.

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Set a new standard
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Outverse makes it easy to support your customers at scale.
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