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Redesigning the experience for internet communities – combining forums, custom spaces, video and more.

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Your own way.

Build the ideal home for your community with discussions,
video & custom spaces.

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Forums. Reimagined.

Foster higher quality discussion with delightful, organised forums. Our forums are designed to help communities escape notification overload.

Simple building blocks.
Custom spaces.

Build unique spaces via simple no-code building blocks & collaborate in real-time. Go further with advanced customization.

Make it feel like home

Build a unique home for your community with custom themes, colors, icons, emojis & blocks. Need more? Go further with custom code.

Easy automations

Simplify your onboarding journeys & create more active, organised communities using easy automations.

Native video

Hassle-free live video spaces & events, within your Outverse community. No other tools needed.

We're designed to be built upon

Outverse is built to be open. Enhance your Outverse community with apps and extensions – built by us and also by the community.

Integrate, connect, embed

Embed anything from the web and reference everything within your community - surfacing great content has never been easier. Integrate with your favorite tools.

Search Everywhere

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Search. Everywhere.

Bring up community search & commands by hitting ⌘+K – find & share content within your community with ease.
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