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AI assistant

AI-powered support assistant

Cut down on incoming support tickets and solve your customers' problems faster. The Outverse AI assistant is your intelligent support first line.

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How do I create a knowledge base in Outverse?

To create a knowledge base, follow these steps:

1. Enable knowledge base: Go to your Workspace Settings, navigate to the 'Knowledge Base' tab, and enable the knowledge base option for your workspace.

2. Name your knowledge base: After enabling, you can name your knowledge base. This name will appear in your top navigation bar.

3. Create categories & sections: Documents in your knowledge base are organized into categories. To create a new category, click the "+" button next to Create new doc at the top of the left-hand sidebar and select "New category". You can reorder categories as needed by dragging them in the left-hand sidebar.

4.Add documents: To add a document, click the "+" button next to 'Create new' at the top of the left-hand sidebar and select "New doc", or use the shortcut ⇧⌘D. After creating a document, you can start writing or edit the doc to update its content and settings.

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Help center

Support docs, but smarter

Everything you need to build and maintain a clean, structured knowledge base. Fast and intuitive for your customers – and team.

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Forums designed for customer success

Empower your customers to find solutions. Outverse forums are built for customer support, powered by AI, and optimized for SEO.

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Migration & import

Import and migrate from your existing customer support platforms.

Custom domains

Host your Outverse workspace on your company's domain.

Team roles & user groups

Manage users and team member accounts at scale with custom user groups.


Customize your space with your own branding, icons and color palette.

Real-time collab

Collaborate with team members on knowledge base documentation.


Get the insights you need to improve documentation and product experience.

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