New features, updates & improvements
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Advanced space permissions

November 8, 2022

Private forums & spaces

Private spaces let you create spaces visible to select members in your community (based on their community role). The space and all of its content will only be visible to specified community roles (admins will always have access). You can also specify permissions within a space, including which roles can create threads and replies within each forum.

Admins and any roles with the manage-community permission in the community can create new private spaces or make an existing spaces private.


To create a new private space, open the Create Space modal and Select the ‘Private’ visibility option. You can then specify which roles will be able to see and access the space.

To make an existing space private or vice versa, go to Edit space **and update visibility settings.

Hiding threads

Community admins can now hide threads within forums instead of deleting them. This gives admins another moderation tool within forums.

Updated community switcher

We’ve removed the sidebar and replaced it with our new community switcher. We've made this change to ensure communities continue to feel organised and distraction-free.

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved space creation flow
  • Fixed a bug where unnamed custom roles were being hidden
  • Improved mobile layout for space creation UI
  • Updated community cover image placement
  • Updated icon designs across the app
  • Updated top bar format & design within communities
  • Updated design for space mentions/embeds
  • Fixed a bug where community cover images could not be removed by admins

Webhooks & new embeds

October 6, 2022


Outverse now provides webhooks which allow you to receive HTTP push notifications whenever data is created or updated. This allows you to build integrations on top of your community. For example, you could trigger notifications via different channels, update a CRM object and much more.

Webhook updates are currently supported for the following models (we plan to support more data objects in the future):





Custom roles

Scheduled Events

Configuring a webhook

Webhooks can be configured via the community settings.

Click on "New webhook", and specify the URL in which you have an endpoint ready to receive HTTP POST requests. Label is used to identify webhooks and describe their purpose.

Your newly created webhook will be listed and is ready to be used. Your defined URL of will now get notified of any updates for your chosen models.

Vimeo embeds

You can now natively embed Vimeo videos in custom spaces and forums using the YouTube embed block. Our first embed blocks include: YouTube, Loom & Figma blocks.

To add an embed block to a custom space or thread/reply post, simply paste the Vimeo video’s URL directly into your editor or navigate down to the correct ‘Embed block’ option in your / command menu. Once you’ve added the block, you will be able to choose between small, medium or large sizing before hitting publish or send.

Drag & drop, updated compact view and unread filtering

September 6, 2022

Drag & drop reordering

A much requested feature is now live in Outverse – community admins can now drag to reorder spaces and space groups. We’ll be adding further drag & drop customisation to other parts of Outverse soon. Spaces can now be reordered within groups, moved between groups, and also removed from all group via drag & drop.

Compact thread UI

We’ve improved the UI for our compact thread view within forums. The updated compact view now contains a high density of information for quickly scanning and navigating busy forums within Outverse communities.

Unread activity filters

Community members and admins can now quickly filter forum threads on unread activity/notifications. Threads containing unread direct replies, mentions or any new reply within a thread members are subscribed to – along with new threads within forums that members are subscribed to will all now show in the new notifications tab within forum spaces. Switch between compact and expanded views within forums by using the view selector in the top right hand corner.

Improvements & fixes

  • Added notification count to thread card for high value unread notifications
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions, locked threads could not be unlocked
  • Fixed a member profile image display issue within forum spaces
  • Improved accessibility on a number of button components
  • Improved loading speed for forum spaces

Improved invites, embedding replies & more

August 25, 2022

Improved invite functionality

Inviting people into your community is a core part of Outverse and we've improved the flow that makes it easier to send and accept invites and enables more granularity & security when doing so.

You can now send granular 1:1 email-based invites to new members via the ‘Invite member’ modal. These invites will automatically expire after 30 days with more functionality coming soon

In addition, community admins can now also regenerate their generic community invite link. Regenerating a community invite link will immediately invalidate the previous link, with the ability to auto-regenerate on a schedule coming soon.

Easier flagging of forum content

Forum content (both at the thread and reply level) can now be more easily flagged by admins and members by clicking the ‘…’ icon on a thread/reply card, followed by the ‘Report’ option.

Embedding thread replies

Following the recent addition of embedding threads

To embed/reference a reply, simply copy the reply’s link (via hitting 'Copy link"in the reply card menu) and then paste it into your custom space or forum thread/reply. Embedding replies can be used for further curating/organising community content, as well as quoting within threads.

Expect much more to come from thread embeds, including increased interactivity, external embedding and more.

Improvements & fixes

  • Enabled text formatting in custom spaces via the floating bubble menu
  • Added further unread activity identifiers in forums
  • Enabled custom roles to be created with zero permission attached
  • Fixed a bug where on rare occasions the incorrect image was being changed when updating images in custom spaces with > 3 images
  • Fixed an bug where space contents block was occasionally causing the space editor to reload upon addition

Space contents, more activity cues and hiding default spaces

August 8, 2022

࠺ Space contents

We’ve added a new advanced block to custom spaces – the space contents block. Adding a space contents block will show an outline of your space based on the content within it. Community members can also click on subsections within the contents block to scroll directly to that section in the space (you can also now deep link directly to subsections within custom spaces!).

🛎 More activity cues

Helping community teams & members avoid distraction and noise is core to the Outverse mission.

We’re taking great care with out notifications design, and have recently rolled out more in-app activity cues so members can understand what’s new, without being overwhelmed.

🎚 Hiding default spaces

Community admins can now choose to hide the member directory and events calendar as default sections/pages within their community. To Hide/unhide default sections – head to community settings and the ‘Default sections’ tab.

Improvements & fixes

  • Emoji reactions are now hidden in the collapsed thread view on forums
  • Community admins can now opt in to be notified when a new community member joins
  • Fixed a bug where on rare occasions, the 'Create space' modal was inactive

Thread embedding, saved drafts and more

July 29, 2022

🧵 Embedding threads

At Outverse, we want to make finding & surfacing great community content as easy & seamless as possible. Thread embeds are the next step on this journey. Threads can now be embedded and referenced in both custom spaces and forum spaces, opening up new ways for communities to organize & unearth great content.

To embed a thread, simply copy the threads link (via hitting 'Copy link"in the thread card menu) and then paste it into your custom space or forum thread/reply. You can then choose whether to show the expanded or collapsed view of the thread.

Expect much more to come from thread embeds, including increased interactivity, external embedding and more.

📝 Drafts

One of our most requested features is now live. You can now close your composer when drafting both threads and replies without losing your changes. If you close your composer mid-draft, the draft will be automatically saved, ready for your return

⎯ Horizontal line breaks

Another small but frequently requested feature is now live in custom spaces. Type three dashes or underscores  “---” / "___" (without any intervening spaces) to create a horizontal rule and help organize & format your custom spaces.

Improvements & fixes

  • Visual upgrade to the default spaces section of a community
  • In-line space mentions are now drag & droppable within composers
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally thread titles where not updating when updated
  • Performance upgrade to search results queryin

Community search, thread locking & quick links

July 22, 2022

🔦 Community search

v1 of community search has arrived in Outverse. To search within a community, hit the Search button in the top bar (alternatively, you can hit ⌘K).

You can now search across threads and replies with speed and accuracy – with results showing the author, thread and space.

This is just the beginning for community search – we’re working hard on further search features that will enable quicker, more granular filtering and more detailed results.

🔒 Thread locking

Thread locking is now live! Once a thread is locked, members will no longer be able to reply within the thread (until it’s unlocked) – although they can still emoji react tot the thread and its replies. Only admins or community members with the ‘Manage forums’ permission will be able to lock threads.

Thread locking can be used in a number of different ways – including…

  • Preventing replies on particular community updates/announcements
  • Locking a time-based discussion/event, whilst keeping it readable for the community

To lock / unlock a thread, click the menu button on a thread card followed by the Lock thread / Unlock thread option.

🔗 Quick-link to replies

You can now quickly copy links to replies within threads ⚡️. Reply links will also now auto-scroll to the specific reply, making it much easier to share community content!

Improvements & fixes

  • Performance improvement to the ‘Manage members’ section of the community settings dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where on rare occasions, duplicate replies where being posted
  • Fixed a bug where on some posts, emoji reactions were being incorrectly ordered
  • Optimized default rate limits for community thread posting

Thread pinning, composer minimize and rich syntax highlighting

July 15, 2022

📌 Thread pinning

You can now pin threads within forums! Pinned threads will be pinned to the top of forums and you can pin as many threads as you want at any one time. Thread pinning can be used in a number of ways, including...

✍️ Highlighting threads you want to encourage activity in

👀 Highlighting threads for increased community visibility

ℹ️ Adding specific space guidelines, instructions and descriptions

To pin/unpin a thread, simply click the menu button on a thread card, and click the Pin thread or Unpin thread option.

↕️ Minimizing the reply composer

When composing a reply within a thread, we’ve added the ability to minimize the composer – making sure you can always see all of the thread content whilst you’re composing your reply!

‍Rich syntax highlighting

We've added rich syntax highlighting to our code blocks in the thread & reply composer (along with custom spaces). To add a code block with rich syntax highlighting, simply type three back-ticks followed by the programming language name, e.g. ```python or ```css. 🦾

Python block

Improvements & fixes

  • Performance improvement to the member directory
  • Added the ability to hit ⌘ + ↩ to submit a reply within a thread
  • Fixed a bug where emoji reactions were not being immediately re-fetched when navigating from thread back to forum
  • Notification links now auto-scroll directly to the specific post

Introducing: Emoji reactions!

July 8, 2022

🌈😍🦄 React with emojis

One of our most popular feature requests from the community has been emoji reactions – which we are excited to have just launched in Outverse! Sometimes, an emoji is all that’s needed…head into threads to react to posts & replies – the entire up-to-date emoji set is available for all! 🪐💙💫

Keyboard shortcuts, commands and embed block formatting

July 5, 2022

Keyboard Shortcuts & the command menu

Keyboard shortcuts & commands are a favorite of power users, enabling them to control their most common actions directly from the keyboard (and helping them find some of the less common!). We’re exciting to begin introducing more keyboard shortcuts to the Outverse product to help you navigate, explore and interact within communities ✨🦾

To begin, bring up your command menu by hitting + K – from which you will find a list of common/helpful actions along with any accompanying shortcuts.

Some of the Outverse team’s favourite shortcuts are:

  • ⇧ + N to create a new thread within a community
  • ⇧ + R to reply within a thread
  • ⌘ + K > Theme to switch between light/dark themes

We've got a lot more commands and shortcuts in the works! ⚡️

Embed block alignment & resizing

We’ve added the ability to align and resize embed blocks. Embed blocks can now be left, center, and right aligned – along with small, medium and large sizing options. To align or resize an embed block in either a custom space or a forum post – just hover over the block and select your desired options! This includes image GIF, YouTube, Loom, and Figma embed blocks (with more on the way!) 🎨

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved forums and thread loading performance
  • Improved member directory page/search performance
  • Fixed a bug where placeholder text was hidden in the 'Create Thread' and 'Reply to thread' modals

Introducing: Embed blocks

June 28, 2022

Embed blocks

You can now natively embed YouTube videos in custom spaces and forums using the YouTube embed block. Our first embed blocks include: YouTube, Loom & Figma blocks.

To add an embed block to a custom space or thread/reply post, simply paste the URL directly into your editor or navigate down to the correct ‘Embed block’ option in your / command menu. Once you’ve added the block, you will be able to choose between small, medium or large sizing before hitting publish or send!


GIFs have arrived in Outverse. Sometimes, a GIF can speak a thousand words – and they can now be added to both custom spaces and forums via our Giphy integration!

To add GIFs, use the /giphy command or the 'GIF' block in the / command menu.

Fixes & improvements

  • Performance optimization in forum spaces loading time
  • Fixed a navigation bug with the ‘Close’ button on user settings
  • Added toast notification on ‘Verify email’ page when email is resent