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Community infrastructure for
product-led companies

Designed for modern teams & products. Kick-start & scale your community discussions, feedback & knowledge base on Outverse.
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Organised threads

Discussion & Q&A threads designed to be simple, searchable and responsive.

Flexible composition

Intuitive thread & reply creation with flexible discussion & formatting tools.

Build an integrated
knowledge base

Embed anything, anywhere – combine discussions with our native documentation suite for your community knowledge base. Designed to be customizable to your product's needs.


Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.

SEO indexing

Open either your entire community or specific sections to be indexable by search engines. Drive discovery & growth.

Extensible by design

Outverse is designed to be enhanced & built upon.

Custom themes

Use default themes or craft your own custom palettes.
Optimized for search
Outverse content is optimized to be searchable and indexable
Custom groups & permissions
Create custom groups & roles within your community
Scheduled events
Schedule events for your community. Hosted natively or externally
Real-time collaboration
Edit documents simultaneously with team members
Analytics & metrics
Gain insights from essential community & member analytics
Easy automations
Automate key flows within your community journey

Granular member activity

Keep track of member activity & metrics. Write & share admin notes directly in Outverse.

Facilitate connections

Help your community connect, support & share product knowledge.

Integrated into
your team's workflow

Extend your community experience & team workflow with native integrations or build your own.


Receive notification & push Slack threads into Outverse


Embed Loom videos in Outverse forums & docs


Embed Figma files in Outverse forums & docs


Build custom automations to within your community


Embed YouTube videos in Outverse forums & docs


Embed data visualisations in Outverse forums & docs


Embed Outverse threads & replies with Notion

Build your own...

Build your own integration into Outverse

Create a connected
community experience

Outverse helps you intelligently surface related content to your community members. From previous discussions & threads to product documentation.

Delightful changelogs

Keep your community up-to-date with simple changelog entries.

Ideation & feedback

Harness your power users, evangelists & most active members to get actionable feedback.

Ready to build?

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